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Integrated project management and construction works

CRESTAMAP provides you the best qualified team for each project. We add value to the project management with the support of our professional team giving a personal service to our clients. We choose the appropriate professionals according to the specifications and typologies of the works.

We coordinate, advise and supervise the project and works in an integrated way from the beginning of works until its completion. We carry out a constructive review to guarantee the correct contracting of all the necessary works and the optimization of the construction systems.

All our projects are coordinated, supervised and we give advice in an integrated way from the beginning of works until its full execution. We carry out a constructive review to guarantee a professional contracting works to optimize all construction systems. We make our experience and knowledge in the real estate and construction sector available to all kind of projects. We create synergies with our clients and the rest of stakeholders along the construction process. We manage and control the entire development until its completion, delivery and after-sales.

Our Project Management service is characterized by providing our clients with an optimal control of the results throughout the development process of their projects, achieving the best cost, deadlines and quality results.

Advice on hiring the technical team necessary for each project.

Coordination and
of projects.

Management of Licenses process and supplies.

Optimization of construction work systems.

Advice on the bidding process and contracting of the works.

At CRESTAMAP we are specialized in the Integrated Project Management and Construction works.

Our involvement with the projects we manage is thorough from the beginning up to the achievement of the objectives set for each of the different phases of each project. We develop our services focusing on delivering under budget targets, its deadlines, the correct execution of the construction and to the quality of the completed work.

We have extensive experience managing projects and works combining it with a deep knowledge of the real estate sector.

We work for different client approaches: developers, private investors, investment funds, operators from different sectors (tourism, offices, health among others…).

We have an extensive track record in both rehabilitation and new construction works.

We work as a team, from the initial phases of the project, always seeking efficiency, the best coordination and always incorporating the bases for obtaining optimal results.

Planning, coordination and management of the execution of the works.

monitoring progression.

Cost control, quality and deadlines for the works.

Final management of work, licenses, equipment and commissioning.

Auditing quality procedures (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015)

Warranty and post-sale supervision.

The success of CRESTAMAP work is based on the application of audited quality procedures, on the use of advanced control systems and specific software.

We fully assimilate the needs and objectives of the client, to make them come true through highly qualified technicians, with management skills, negotiation and leadership skills, as well as ethical and personal values. Our purpose at all times is customer loyalty and our commitment is maximum in each project.

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