CRESTAMAP, S. L. awareness’ of the importance of providing services which guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and current environmental situation lead us to implement a Quality and Environmental management System based on the international standards UNE EN-ISO 9001 y UNE EN-ISO 14001.


CRESTAMAP, S. L. objectives

The main objective is to guarantee a service which satisfies the requirements and expectations of our interested parties by reducing or avoiding the effects on the environment, balancing the achievement of the assigned projects and the minimisation of undesired environmental effects compatible.

CRESTAMAP, S. L. commitments

In line with the above, CRESTAMAP, S. L. has approved the following Declaration of Quality and Environmental Policy:


  • To guarantee at all times the continuous improvement of all our services, our processes, our integrated management system and their performance.
  • To incorporate the requirements of this policy into the programming of all activities.
  • To comply with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements.
  • To promote the implementation of Environmental Management and the continuous improvement of environmental results, as well as the prevention of environmental pollution by Managers board.
  • To establish objectives and targets at all levels which will be quantified whenever possible.
  • To require, review and comply with the objectives and targets applicable to subcontracted activities.
  • To ensure free public Access to the Quality and Environmental Policy. This information is the obligatory response to the legitimate interest of citizens in knowing the environmental costs which  society bears and which their quality-of-life demands.
  • To provide the necessary resources to be consistent and comply with this policy.

En Barcelona, a 05 de Octubre de 2017.