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Our differentiation

We develop a global and an active project management throughout the process and enhance the value of your real estate assets

Maximum optimization of costs and deadlines

Extended experience in project management and construction works

Global vision of the project, Customer orientation experience

Supervision for each phase of the project

Maximum involvement to guarantee the best control and results for your project

We work at all times with ethics, transparency and professionalism

Project Management

We manage and organize the project and construction processes to guarantee the maximum control of each construction phase. We are characterized by a global and active management team, promoting the enhancement of our clients' assets. We are involved in the whole project process with the commitment to achieve the best results at the best price and in the shortest time.

Construction management

Supervision and project review to ensure a proper scope of works. We manage the construction bidding process, to guarantee a realistic, reliable and adjusted price of works to be carried out. Permanent and direct control of the deadlines, costs and quality of works. We use an advanced systems to control costs and double planning systems to control deadlines.

Project monitoring / Due Dilligence

We provide a continuous, completed and impartial surveying for the whole process and progress of works. We prepare useful information for management and decision-making.

Project Management and supervision.

Our Construction Management services provide a completed support from Technical point of view. Our technical team has a vast experience to ensure the best control of technical construction details and quality of works, providing solutions taking into account the economic factors and timelines defined by the client.Additionally, we offer all those services involving Health and Safety Coordination at work.

Real Estate

Real estate consulting

We offer advise during the procurement and divestment processes for our clients.We carry out studies based on our knowledge of the real estate sector and depending on the different types of investment.

Asset management

We prepare strategic plans based on the different returns according to uses and sectors, presenting specific proposals and conclusions for the optimization of the returns on the real estate operations of our clients and their companies.

Property management

Active management of real estate portfolios to maximize your cost-effectiveness.


We offer assistance and advice to find the best opportunities for our clients. This includes activities such as negotiation processes, closing purchases and sales operations management.

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Project and Expansion Works Airport of Barcelona

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