Construction Management

At CRESTAMAP, we deal with construction control from the front line of work, directly involved with the day-to-day of construction execution. We carry out continuous reporting of the execution of the work through clear, concise and exhaustive reports. We provide continuous control, with future and alternative forecasts. We guarantee that the client has all the necessary information which allows them to make the best decision at all times.

We coordinate and attend site visits, always having an overview of all the circumstances that affect the site.

We carry out the documentary management of all the information generated during the work, information which at the end, we deliver to our clients completely ordered and classified.

We establish reliable operating procedures to guarantee cooperation and coordination between all the stakeholders involved during construction works, ensuring the correct flow of information and generating close cooperation between professionals in each subject. All this results in delivering top quality projects for our customers.

The exhaustive control of the entire construction process allows, if necessary, to make improvement changes in the project to adapt at any time to the best solution.

Thanks to the CRESTAMAP Construction Manager tool, our clients optimize the costs, deadlines and quality of the execution of their projects.