Construction management

Direction of Execution of building works.

Health and safety coordination.

Quality Assurance.

Technical supervision of work.

Quality Surveyance.

The Director of the Execution of the Work ( DEO ) is the agent who, as part of the Facultative Management , assumes the technical function of directing the material execution of the work and of qualitatively and quantitatively controlling the construction and the quality of the building.

At CRESTAMAP, through our Technical department, we provide technical advice from the start of the project to its complete execution. We carry out an accompaniment of the works and the definition of construction solutions without losing sight of the economic and deadlines objectives. We work under corporate procedures which entail a strict quality control of the execution.

We have up to date market budgets that allow us to anticipate the cost and planning of each operation.

We control and subscribe the partial certifications and the final settlement of the executed work, compiling the necessary documentation and providing the results of all the control which has been carried out.

We guarantee the suitability and technical conformity of the work.

Health and safety coordination.

With the aim of achieving full Health and Safety compliance in a project and its execution, it is crucial that the coordination of all subcontractors is carried out in a safe methodology, applying the general principles of prevention, health and safety and bearing in mind at all times the foreseen planning for the completion of the project.

CRESTAMAP’s specialization and experience in Health & Safety Coordination guarantees the correct development of the work, ensuring compliance with the regulations on Occupational Risk Prevention without losing agility and as a result protecting the most important, people.

Quality control.

The performance of our technical services provides complete support to the client until the end of the process, both from the point of view of deadlines and costs, as well as strict quality control.

We draw up a specific Quality Control Plan for each project. We carry out the follow-up to guarantee compliance during the work through the necessary laboratory tests and controls, which have previously been perfectly defined in our Quality Control Plan.

Technical supervision.

We carry out technical supervision and monitoring of the construction quality of the works.

We supervise the technical execution of the works and their facilities with special attention to the quality of execution in those critical works for the project’s result, guaranteeing, for example, the best thermal or acoustic behavior of the different construction solutions of the project.